Training Centers

Mexico City Training center and Showroom


Located in Mexico City, this facility offers lighting education and product training seminars for the specification, distributors, agents and lighting design community.

Along with availability of ABL seminars, this Lighting Showroom encourages participation of both industry organizations and lighting design professionals to develop programs for the specification market in Mexico.

This Lighting Showroom welcomes all members of the lighting community.

For additional information regarding programs, please send an e-mail to

Center for Light & Space, Conyers, GA


The Center for Light & Space, Conyers is designed to provide comprehensive education and training programs to instill our customers with the knowledge to apply the best lighting solution for every environment.  The Center’s close proximity to Acuity Brands’ product development specialists allows customers access to a well rounded and dynamic curriculum delivered by subject matter experts.  Established in 1991, and originally named after our former CEO Jim McClung, the facility is dedicated to delivering an overall exceptional lighting experience.

Acuity Brands Berkeley Facility

The Berkeley educational facility, home to Peerless Lighting, is located just 30 minutes from San Francisco.The Center for Light & Space, Berkeley, offers both application and products seminars throughout the year.  Whether your lighting education need is Lighting for Learning with Indirect Lighting Solutions, Quality Office Lighting through Volumetric fixtures or energy saving solutions offered through Acuity Brands’ breadth of controls capabilities, the Berkeley facility has a seminar designed for you.


2246 5th Street

Berkeley, CA 94710

Center for Light+Space

The Center for Light+Space (CL+S), located on the 24th and 25th floors of the Acuity Brands Lighting facility in New York City, is committed to developing and delivering programs and events that provide valuable product, technology, application and service knowledge transfer to the New York Lighting Community and their business contacts.

Our goal at CL+S is to become an integral part of the Lighting Community.  We welcome all local industry organizations and educational institutions to utilize our facilities.

Light & vision Center Holophane

In April of 2007, Holophane opened the highly anticipated new Light & Vision Center located in Granville, Ohio… just a few minutes’ drive from the main manufacturing facility in Newark, Ohio.

This new facility, which replaces the previous L&V facility in Newark, is a larger and much improved setting with state-of-the-art training and presentation resources. The new L&V Center has increased seating capacity from 24 up to 40 students now, and in a much more spacious room.

In addition to the latest audio-visual and demonstration equipment, it also utilizes a variety of the best lighting products and controls that Holophane and Acuity Brands Lighting have to offer.

Acuity Brands Controls Facilities

To teach people more about Occupancy Sensors Lighting Controls we provide regularly scheduled technical seminars at our Technology Center in Wallingford, Connecticut. Besides learning about the technology behind Sensor Switch’s Lighting Controls and our latest products and features the seminar provides “Hands On” installation and operational training.