Delivering Lighting that is good for people and the environment.

Sustainable business practices are fundamental to the operation and sucess of Acuity Brands. We define “sustainability” as conducting our business balancing economic, environmental and social objectives in ways most likely to create long-term value without taxing the resources on which we depend.

Sustainability:  The Acuity Brands commitment to environmental sustainability begins in our own operations. Our sustainable operations council include, reductions in our use of natural sources, some specific examples of our accomplishments include:

LEED® Silver certification at our Granville, Ohio facility and achieved LEED Gold certification at our New York Center of Light & Space.

Decreased our overall electricity consumption by 42% since 2006

Reduce copy paper use by 7

Reduced 37% of the water used in our paint system by reclaiming water for this process at three facilities.

Products: Our product Brands have a rich history of focusing on lighting solutions that provide real energy reductions. From solid-state LEDs and electronic HID lighting to high-efficiency T5 fluorescent and compact fluorescent, we advance new technologies in lighting.

Packaging: We have worked with various customers to reduce parking and waste on construction sites. We have reduced packaging size, which increases the density of shipments to job sites.

We continue to be an industry leader in the development of outdoor lighting guidelines for communities to reduce light pollution.