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D Series Flood

  • Precision-engineered optics
  • Typical savings of 70% compared to HID luminaires
  • Up to 20 years expected service life
  • 100,000 hours (L84)


  • Several lumen packages, color temperatures and mounting options
  • Suitable for temperatures from -22° F (-30°C) to 104°F (40°)
  • Consume between 47 watts and 215watts
  • Listed IP 65, IP66, IP67



  • General-purpose LED troffer that offers flexibility for Budget constrained spaces
  • The GTL Series is available from 200 up to 7200 lumen packages
  • The GTL Series LED troffer is configured with a 90-minute, 1400-lumen emergency battery backup


  • Classic Styling with modern efficiency
  • Neutral 4000K CCT
  • Wall or ceiling mounts with integrated wet location junction box
  • Silicone gaskets seals out moisture and dust


  • Die-cast aluminum
  • Clear tempered glass
  • White and RGB with DMX512 controller Available
  • Two sizes available
  • From 23W to 43W

Flood Lithonia

Track Heads

  • Engineered for simplicity
  • Delivers beautiful, clean designs
  • Easy installation
  • Wide-range of adjustability


  • Decorative accent fixture with a clean, geometric form
  • Versatile and ornamental
  • Fin can be mounted horizontally or Vertically
  • Lengths range from 2 to 8 feet‎


  • Provides the ultimate in visual comfort emitting soft, uniform, glare-free illumination
  • Available in Wall wash, wall indirect and indirect
  • 0 to 10v Dimming Driver
  • 50,000 hours (L80)
  • 2000 or 4000 lumens


W Series

  • Contemporary, minimalist style
  • Linear-faceted diffuser
  • Optional nLight controls
  • Robust design with impact-resistant acrylic diffuser and die-cast end caps
  • Simple installation and maintenance


  • Reduces energy costs by up to 74%
  • Reduces maintenance costs by 50%
  • Prismatic glass reflectors for durability and performance
  • Die-Cast aluminum housing

BR 20

  • Replaces 50W incandescent lights
  • Dimmable down to 10%
  • Expected life: 35,000 hours
  • Rated for damp locations

Proteon SL

  • Seamless integration of emergency lighting, uplight and occupancy / photocell sensing
  • 4’ and 8’ lengths available
  • 0-10V dimming down to 10% (more…)


  • 86% more efficient than incandescent luminaires
  • Extraordinary performance of  70 lumens per watt for 50,000 hours
  • Wet listed for maximum versatility

Sign VUE

  • Reduce energy costs by up to 28%
  • Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%
  • 25 year life
  • Housing is IP66 rated and the electrical housing is  IP65 rated


  • Reemplaza luminarios de 50 – 400W aditivos metálicos
  • Hasta un 76% de ahorro de energía comparado con luminarios de aditivos metálicos
  • 6 diferentes ópticas disponibles brindan una excepcional versatilidad
  • Más de 114 lúmenes por watt

D Series Parking

  • Typical energy savings of 64-85% over 175W metal valide
  • Efficacies of up to 108 lumens per watt
  • Maintains 87% of initial lumens over 100,000 hours
  • Pendant and surface mounting


  • Más del 80% de eficiencia comparado con las lámparas incandescentes
  • Casi Libre de mantenimiento y 17 veces más durable que otras fuentes de luz
  • Diseñado para construcciones nuevas o existentes
  • Clasificado IP66 para la carcasa e IP65 para los componentes eléctricos

AL Series

  • Unique design that complements any space
  • Smooth, continuous dimming is standard
  • AL is rated to deliver L80 performance for 50,000 hours
  • LED AccuDrive™ driver delivers full-range dimming from 0-10V control signal. 5% – 100% dimming range.

Light Flex

  • The LightFlex daylighting system uses the patented Signature

Series prismatic skylight which is highly efficient at capturing

low-angle sunlight.


  • Vertical refrigeration / display lighting system
  • Flicker free 0-10 dimming
  • Maximum savings with optional controls
  • 90° cut-off angle keeps Light inside de case

BR 30

  • Replaces 75W incandescent lights
  • Dimmable down to 10%
  • Expected life: 35,000 hours
  • Rated for damp locations



  • Rugged die cast aluminum housing
  • Designed for ceilings mounting between 8 and 15 feet
  • Down –light Only
  • Wet location listed
  • MVOLT driver operates on any line voltage from 120-277V


  • Advanced optics
  • Emergency battery pack
  • Controls
  • Dimming
  • Glare control

Hydrel 8200 LED Series

  • Replaces up to 400W HID
  • Utilizing latest chip technology and optimized lenses resulting in up to 40% energy savings.
  • Field replaceable light engines and drivers with quick disconnects
  • Average color temperature (CCT) between 3000K and 5300K


  • Energy savings; 75% over 50 – 175W metal halide
  • Integral emergency battery backup
  • Better uniformity and spacing than HID
  • 20 years expected service life

Hydrel 9800 Series LED

  • 83 watts LED in-grade
  • Modular design
  • Doble lens technology
  • IP68 rating
  • UL wet location listing


  • 65% more efficient than comparable HID luminaires
  • 20 – 30% more efficient than comparable LED luminaires
  • Up to 20+ years service life L87 / 100,000 hours, 40° C
  • No uplight – Nighttime Friendly™
  • Control options  from standalone photocell to ROAM® remote monitoring and Control

Z Series LED

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide greater color consistency
  • Support various applications

Archway Passage LED

  • Long-lasting
  • Several lumen packages and four color temperatures
  • Controls enabled
  • Damp location listed when mounted to wall


  • Prismatic skylights provide 35% or more light transmission than competitive skylights while providing 100% diffusion for glare-free high-performance daylighting
  • Prevents UV damage to interiors and merchandise
  • Insulated thermal break frames are standard
  • Superior engineering, design and construction }
  • Daylighting is a clean, abundant, FREE source of light.


  • Performance, efficacy and longevity
  • The ultimate sustainable solution for renovating legacy streetlights
  • Engineered optics provide exceptional illumination while also saving energy 40% – 50% over HID and 20% – 30% over LED Competitors


  • Saves Energy: 50% more efficient than HID Solutions
  • Reduce maintenance costs: More than 100,000 hours (L70)
  • Support multiple applications: Great for open areas and aisles with high mounting heights.


  • Performance: 3100 delivered lumens @ 38 input watts
  • Energy efficient: 35% more efficient than T8 Fluorescent
  • Long Life: 50,000 hours
  • Controllable: Fully dimmable with 0-10 wall dimmer switch

Denver Elite Bollard

  • Choice of light sources HID & LED
  • High Quality Construction
  • Single, Double or Triple lens
  • Decorative ‘Patented’ Light Line

Denver Elite Wall

  • High quality construction
  • Optional photocell
  • Flexibility during installation
  • Low ULOR option available


  • LED- Based Lamps including PAR, MR16 and AR111
  • Specification-grade performance
  • Beautiful, unobtrusive design
  • Energy – efficient alternative light source.


  • Originality Rhyth Ilumination Geometry Artistry Modularity Intelligence
  • Influence by modern Architecture art and design
  • Advanced Lighting optics that allow for increased fixture spacing, fewer units per installation and significant energy savings.
  • T5HO Fluorescent lamps

Prismashield Elite

  • Robust modular construction
  • Luminaire offers 7 cable entry points
  • Cable Management System
  • Prismatic polycarbonate or frosted glass (Cristal esmerilado)lens options available

Metrolux LED

  • Rugged die-cast aluminium construction
  • Stainless steel quick release door latches
  • Compact fluorescent or LED light source
  • Retrofit LED Module

Denver Elite Bollard

  • Choice of light sources HID & LED
  • High Quality Construction
  • Single, Double or Triple lens
  • Decorative ‘Patented’ Light Line

Denver Elite Wall

  • High quality construction
  • Optional photocell
  • Flexibility during installation
  • Low ULOR option available

HXP Series Hazardous

  • Designed for use in Class I Division 1 and Class I Zone 1 locations
  • Designed to meet the specific challenges of a Division 1 or Zone 1 environmentAvailable in T5, T5HO, T81

Applications: Streets, area lighting


  • Versatile and distinct LED-based range of linear floodlights for interior and exterior applications.
  • Available with dimming option.
  • Designed to optimize thermal management, rhythm luminaires deliver industry best lumen maintenance of 50,000 hours life at 615 mA 70% lumen maintenance.
  • Available up to eight feet in length.

Applications: Parks, monuments, buildings