Case Study: Henry County Hospital

Henry County Hospital Expanded its Advanced Wound Center which cares for difficult wounds and provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Hospital Electrician Paul Wallace says that lighting was a key consideration when renovating the Center. “We had three priority objectives when specifying the lighting in the new space. First we needed to find another light source besides fluorescent for the hyperbaric chamber. Second, we needed lighting that was dimmable which is necessary to keep patients comfortable when receiving therapy. Third, we wanted to reduce energy use, reduce maintenance and be more environmentally conscious”


Henry County Hospital installed VT Series fixtures throughout, including exam rooms, dressing rooms, nurse station and the hyperbaric oxygen suite. Sensor Switch® controls were also installed. The new lighting and controls were well received by the staff and patients. “The LED Lighting and controls worked extremely well in our department because it gives more control of lighting intensity”


“The hospital reduced the maintenance required because LED Lighting and controls last longer and required less service. This allows our facility staff to focus on more important aspects of running the hospital”


Stephanie Wallace, Director, Advanced Wound Care Center.