Introducing nWiFi

nLight – the award winning network lighting control technology from Acuity Brands – has added wireless capabilities that further expand nLight’s breadth of lighting control solutions. Named nWiFi for its ability to integrate directly with a building’s existing WiFi network infrastructure, this powerful new nLight technology further simplifies installation and reduces hardware costs. nWiFi adds conventional WiFi technology to nLight devices, such as occupancy sensors and relays, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with both wired and wireless nLight lighting control zones.

How nWiFi works
Utilizing standards based 802.11n wireless technology, nWiFi-enabled devices communicate with each other via a network of WiFi access points and/or routers. nWiFi devices can also directly communicate to locally wired nLight devices through CAT-5 cables connected to their integrated RJ-45 ports. WiFi technology also enables control via WiFi enabled smart phones, tablets, and laptops. nWiFi devices do not directly communicate wirelessly with each other.